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Take a Chill Pill: Confessions of a young mother of three

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Take a Chill Pill: Confessions of a young mother of three

I am 26 years old, happily married (to a somewhat absentee husband who is currently completing his MBA) and a mother of three beautiful children.

Many of you reading this post are parents and completely understand and sympathize with me when I say – today has been one of those days where I have constantly needed to remind myself that my children are a blessing. They are not out to get me or turn my world upside-down and ultimately, I REALLY do love them!

My nanny was a mother of 5 and would tell me that there were days when she wanted 5 more. Then there were days when she wanted to give all of hers up for adoption.

This was normal and that feeling was usually fleeting.

I have found that as a mother, my tension and attitude completely rubs off on my kids. If I wake up on the wrong side of the bed, you can guarantee that they will as well and the whole day is shot to heck.

On the other side, if I am happy and patient, my children seem eager to please and are more respectful. Thus, the big question at hand is…how do I de-stress and maintain composure throughout my stressful day/life?

Many studies and much research has gone to show the irrefutable link between money and stress. The big deal with this relationship is that it is circular and self-promoting. Meaning, when one feels stressed they are more likely to spend money. When that same someone spends needed money on needless items they increase their stress levels and are therefore more likely to spend more money in search of some relief.

You can see how this downward spiral continues to wrap and accelerate to self-destruction. Now to the topic of the post, “What (money free) chill pills can help reverse the negative cycle to create an environment of peace and happiness?”

Here are a few suggestions to consider.

  1. Breathing Exercises: Okay, I know it sounds cheesy like something you would see in a movie but they WORK!  In a moment of high stress or tension (before you blow), close your eyes and breath deeply in and out several times. The benefits of deep breathing are too numerous to name but the most applicable ones for this post are that deep breathing relaxes your mind and body, relieves tension in your muscles, clears your mind and detoxifies your body.
  2. Get Rid of Clutter: We are not just talking about picking up. Although existing in a tidy environment does relieve stress and tension. We are primarily talking about extinguishing all the distractions and chaos in life, such as television, radio, Facebook, surging the Internet, etc. These things have a time and place but all too often become all consuming and demanding of us instead of providing the escape we hope to enjoy.
  3. Engage Your Mind: And hands and children in a satisfying activity. Sometimes, regardless of the state of my home or the insane number of items on my to do list, it makes a big difference in my day if my kids and I take some time out to whip up a batch of cookie dough and enjoy the mess while its there (this part is hard for me).
  4. Get Outside: Even just a short walk with or without the kids. Sometimes the only way to break the cycle is to literally get out of it completely. Physical exercise releases endorphins, builds self-confidence, clears ones thoughts and distracts from the noise of everyday routine.
  5. Find Your Happy Place: Mine is not a literal location but rather a routine/environment that I create that is a no fail cure for a bad day. Are you ready for it?.. A cup of fresh homemade mint and cinnamon tea coupled with CHRISTMAS MUSIC! Yes, it’s true it doesn’t matter if the date is Dec 12th or the 4th of July!  My foolproof happy pill is Christmas cheer!

What’s yours?

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