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Infographic from Deals.com: Lose Weight & Save Money

I decided to join the perennial fight fat and pledged to lose weight. For some reason, I agreed to using the HCG diet. I’m pretty sure my wife asked me late one night while I was half asleep. Supposedly, there’s a recording.

Today is Day 10 of the diet. I loved the first two days, which are called gorge days. Meaning, I was instructed to eat as much fatty food as possible. Beginning on Day 3, I’m relegated to a 550 calorie a day diet. I hate my life.

But I’m losing weight. In fact, in just 10 days I’ve lost almost 9 pounds. Go me! But I still hate it.

To help get me through the experience, I’m taking either a picture or video each work day and submitting it to me social networks. Mr. Potato Head is featured in most of the images. He is standing in for me to express the emotions that I cannot. You can find my HCG diet pics on Flickr.

Some friends have called me crazy, others just laugh. Either way, I’m saving money and my health. I have only two more weeks on this intense diet and I expect to have lost about 20 pounds. And yet, I still hate it.

The Deals.com Infographic

Deals.com released a pretty interesting infographic showing how losing weight leads to saving money. So if you have New Year’s Resolutions for both saving money and losing weight, then you may be able to kill two birds with one stone.

Want to save money?  Start by losing weight!  This infographic explains why.
Source: Deals.com

Do your New Year’s goals include saving money and losing weight?

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