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Why do we pay celebrities yet foreclose on our homes?

For some reason, we’ve decided to celebrate the insane. I’m sitting here thinking about our financial situation and what we can do to get ahead while Lady Gaga is playing on the radio.

Lay GagaThe thought occurred to me, “Not only do we pay someone like Lady Gaga millions of dollars but we celebrate her.”

Why does this bother me? Because although she’s certainly talented, she stands for so many immoral beliefs and attitudes.

Performers like her represent everything that is wrong in society. And yet good men and women are struggling to make ends meet while we pay as a nation for moral antagonists to fly around on private jets.

Jealousy? Maybe.

Recognizing the moral degradation of this society? More likely.

It’s similar to the same debate over teachers’ salaries. We pay the individuals responsible for creating the next generation of producers next to nothing and herald athletes, who rape and smoke illegal drugs, as our heroes.

What a stupid country we live in.

How did we get this way?

I think the adult film industry definitely bears a lot of responsibility. In addition to being fodder, pornography skews perceptions about the true nature of relationships, physical appearance and families.

Believing that “good” relationships are based on physical fulfillment pushes us to focus on self-gratification, pleasure and “free” lifestyles rather than developing relationships of love, trust and respect. I think the former traits are the message behind Gaga’s Born this way.

Our self-perceptions are altered to the point where we find nothing but fault in ourselves. We see not skinny enough. We see average. We see incompetent. So we turn to those we believe to imbue all of the right traits.

With the breakdown of the family, we fill the resulting gap in our lives with other things offering pseudo-happiness. We look to celebrities to see how we are supposed to look, live and be.

You may say, “Well, I don’t have anything to do with adult films.” The problem is that other industries push the envelope as a result. Advertisements featuring sex and how we should look and enjoy life are more aggresive due to pornography’s influence.

So you are affected.

This is my declaration against the stupid.

I’m done celebrating the sub-par, the immoral and the unacceptable. I’m done settling for what’s good or okay while sacrificing the better or best.

The likes of Lady Gaga add nothing to my life. I’m all for being entertained. But I won’t use my dollars to propagate what is ultimately filth.

Can I count you in?

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