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12 Finance and Money Saving iPhone apps you should consider

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12 Finance and Money Saving iPhone apps you should consider

Our Sprint contract is up in June. So my wife and I are currently considering what we should do with our cell phones. The big question is, should we upgrade to a smartphone and pay for the data plan?

Since I like to be well informed when making a decision, I checked out the iPhone app store for apps that would make my financial life better. Below is a list of 12 financial planning related apps that I think every person should consider.
Quicken and Mint.com iPhone Apps


This little app lets current Quicken users manage their finances right from the iPhone.


If you are a Mint.com user, then this app is a must have. You can update your account balances and manage your money from anywhere you have a connection. No more being tied to a laptop or desktop.

Bloomberg and Morningstar iPhone Apps


For up to the minute investing news, download the Bloomberg app. Use one of the most trusted names in the industry to help analyze stock trends and make investment decisions.


If you invest in mutual funds, which I hope you do, then Morningstar is a leader in funds information and reviews. They also offer information for stocks and ETFs.

Personal Assistant and BillMinder iPhone Apps

Personal Assistant Premium

This app helps you manage several areas of your life including: finance, shopping, and travel. Personal Assistant (the non-Premium version) is available for free. Reportedly, despite the $7 price tag, you will still be exposed to advertisements.


Just so you don’t miss another payment again, BillMinder allows you to keep track of all of your bills and when they are due. A handy calendar shows what days of the month you have bills due.

Grocery Gadget and Coupon Sherp iPhone Apps

Grocery Gadget

This app is your all-in-one shopping list. Grocery Gadget is the highest ranking grocery list application in the app store. Also, Rachel Ray magazine recommends it. On a side note, there are no advertisements in the paid version.

Coupon Sherpa

This app is loaded with 100s of in-store coupons that you can access through your iPhone or iPod. So before you buy something at let’s say Best Buy for example, check to see if there’s a coupon that could save you money.

Gas Buddy and Road Trip iPhone Apps

Gas Buddy

The official iPhone app of GasBuddy.com, this app helps you find the best gas prices near wherever you might be. One of the new features of the current revision indicates how “fresh” the price at a given station is.

Road Trip

Road Trip purports to be the fastest and easiest app for tracking your car’s fuel mileage, maintenance history, and expenses. With 4.5 stars, users seem to be pretty happy with the quality and functionality of this app.

iDonatedIt and Skype iPhone Apps


This little beauty lets you quickly and easily keep track of all your non-cash charitable contributions. So come tax time, you can make sure that you deduct as much as you can.


Skype is an inexpensive way to talk to friends and family all over the world. Calls to other Skype users are free (no matter where they are) and very cheap to landlines.

What other Finance or Money Saving iPhone apps do you like or recommend?

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