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Budget-Friendly Remodeling Tips [guest post]

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Budget-Friendly Remodeling Tips [guest post]

If you’ve been plagued by an ugly kitchen since the day you moved into your new home (the ’70s called and they want their ochre tile and avocado wallpaper back) or you’re disappointed with the limited or largely unusable storage space provided (not even a lazy susan can help those deep corner cabinets), then maybe it’s time to think about a remodel.

Old Home“But wait!” you may say, “We’re in a recession!  How can I possibly consider a remodel right now?”  There are several good reasons why now is the perfect time to remodel.

  1. We’re in a recession!  This is terrible news for most people, but not for those who are looking to re-design on a dime.  Businesses are hurting and as a result, you stand to take advantage of outrageously low prices.  Many stores are willing to price match or haggle just to get your business, so don’t be afraid to ask for concessions.
  2. Contractors need work, too.  Not the DIY type but you don’t think you can afford a contractor?  Not true.  Construction jobs are on the DL during any recession, so the market for contractors (and laborers) is flooded.  Now is the best time to capitalize on grade A services for way less money.
  3. The internet is a great resource.  It’s no surprise that you can find better prices by looking online, but ecommerce is booming right now and because many sites do not have the overhead of running a store-front, they can afford to give you the same merchandise for half the price.
  4. People are selling stuff.  If you need it, you can find it online for cheaper.  From eBay to Craig’s List, people are dumping all kinds of home items that you can pick up for a fraction of the retail cost.  Used flooring, cabinets, hardware, appliances, and even piping can be picked up and put into your home, saving you a ton of money if you’re willing to do a little leg work.  And the best part is, you’re doing your part to make your new home green by selecting recycled items.
  5. It pays to go green.  If you work a little green into your remodel, you stand to save a lot.  Replacing outdated appliances with energy-star compliant alternatives could equal cash back from the electric company (along with lower electric bills).  And tankless water heaters can also save you a ton of money because they only heat the water you use.  In some cases, there are even government incentives for using eco-friendly products.  So look into green options to keep saving even after your remodel is done.

The beautiful, new, workable space you’ve been dreaming of is not out of reach just because we’re in a recession.  If you shop smart, you can have it all for less and even continue to save after the fact.  But don’t forget that the best reason to remodel is a return on investment.  If you spend wisely, you stand to make all that money back (and possibly more) when it comes time to sell your house.  And in a market flooded with foreclosures, a newly remodeled space could mean the difference between a quick sale and no sale at all.

Let us know in the comments how you’ve saved money doing a remodel!

Written by Jennifer Kardish, who is a communications coordinator at Kitchen Cabinet Mart. Check out their free design tips for your kitchen and home.

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