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Valentine’s Day: 5 inexpensive last minute ideas, procrastinator

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Valentine’s Day: 5 inexpensive last minute ideas, procrastinator

I have a confession to make – I haven’t made my Valentine’s Day plans yet.  I hope this is the one post that my wife doesn’t read. I’m to the point where I’m calling into radio stations trying to win Valentine’s Day packages that they are giving away.

Valentine's Day GiftsUnfortunately, that’s not working out so well for me. And I’m going to guess that I’m not the only one at this point.

Go ahead and admit it, you don’t have anything either. It’s okay. I think it’s part of being a guy. However, your marital bliss is on the line right now. So I have a few suggestions that won’t hurt your pocketbook too much.

  1. Prepaid Debit Card – Now maybe this sounds like a cop out. But Ace Cash Express is offering a special Pink Prepaid Debit Card where a portion of the proceeds go to fight Breast Cancer. So basically, buying your sweetheart a Pink card let’s her pick-out just what she wants and you help another woman be with her beau next year. This is a great win-win situation. And if you are on a budget, this options is perfect since you can pick the amount.
  2. Name a Star – I thought this was just in the movies. But you can actually name a star at Name a Star Live for about $20.
  3. Try the Thift Store – So I lied, but just a little. I don’t know what I’m going to do this weekend, but I do know what I’m getting my wife. And I’m headed to the local thrift store to get it used.
  4. Write Love Letters – If you are really on a budget, then write her love letters. Leave her the letters where she’ll find them throughout the day. Make them themed. For example, each letter gives her a reason why you love her. Last year, I wrote my wife a poem. I’d appreciate it if you didn’t tell my buddies that little fact.
  5. Sing Her a Song – I surprised my wife by singing at our wedding reception. I offended everyone else’s ears by singing at our wedding reception. But my wife loved it. One of my favorite pictures is of my wife smiling ear to ear while I sang and my brother played the guitar. If you really feel ambitious, learn to play the song on the guitar.

My Challenge to You

Here is my challenge to you guys this year. Be creatively cost conscious. Meaning, determine to surprise your wife with something meaningful but without spending much money. In fact, I guarantee that if you don’t spend a lot, but simply put some thought into what you give her, then you’ll find the results surprisingly effective.

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