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Top Ten Breast Cancer Friendly Valentine’s Day Gifts

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Top Ten Breast Cancer Friendly Valentine’s Day Gifts

We have all heard the statistics and are probably familiar with the devastating effects of Breast Cancer. So this year for Valentine’s Day, give the woman in your life something that celebrates and protects her womanhood.

Breast Cancer AwarenessI’m borrowing David Letterman’s popular Top Ten format to list out a few suggestions, some funny and some serious, that create better awareness of Breast Cancer and help with early detection and prevention.

#10 – Take her for a surprise mammogram this weekend
#9 – Clean the house for her to prevent over-exposure to chlorine and bleach cleaning products
#8 – Dress up in pink all day (can you say MC Hammer pants?)
#7 – Become a National Breast Cancer Foundation volunteer
#6 – Toss out all of her favorite cosmetics and join  the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics (this could be spendy and dangerous)
#5 – Buy her garlic pills (apparently this can help, just avoid the smooching)
#4 – Write her a poem (so not related to Breast Cancer but it works, trust me)
#3 – Make her a home cooked meal high in plant foods and low in animal products
#2 – Buy her a gym membership (be careful how you present this one)
#1 – Give her a Pink Prepaid Debit Card

So maybe a prepaid debit card seems like a cop out, but it isn’t. Ace Cash Express is offering a special Pink Prepaid Debit Card where a portion of the proceeds goes to benefit Breast Cancer. While some of my suggestions above may not be a great idea, this one is.

Think about it for a second. First, a prepaid debit card let’s your sweetheart pick out just what she wants (e.g. nice evening out, new outfit, overnight somewhere). You can even “recharge” it later with more cash on other special occasions. Second, you are benefiting someone else’s sweetheart through Breast Cancer research.

I appreciate the amazing woman in my life. Show your appreciation and make this Valentine’s Day special by helping fund life saving research.

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