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How many chances do you get to dance in the rain?

Dancing in the Rain

Today I danced in the rain.

In fact, it’s still coming down outside my open window as I’m typing this note.

My wife and daughter went outside to puddle jump and beckoned me to follow. I don’t like getting wet much. As a missionary in Mexico City, I was subjected to torrential downfalls daily for several months each year. I figure I’ve had my fill of being soaked head to toe.

Once I lost sight of my girls (they headed to a park around the corner), the same thought kept playing over and over again in my head, “Didn’t you quit your busy job to spend time with your family this summer? So why are you still sitting on the couch?”

With that, I headed out the front door and found my daughter who was giddy at the sight of me.

We headed to the park where we played hide and sneak – I love my children’s adaptation of common phrases. The rain was light, never so heavy that you couldn’t keep your head up for fear of water soaking your eyes.

As we reached the front yard of my in-laws’ house, I told my wife that we needed to take some pictures for the Gypsy Summer photo album we are making. The only problem was that we couldn’t find an umbrella to cover my Canon Rebel T2i (thanks again Mom for the awesome Christmas present!).

I ran inside, grabbed a bath towel and held it with one hand over my head and camera. I then proceeded to follow my wife and daughter around the yard as they played.

They are bathing now, washing a fun afternoon of grass and mud off.

When I started this summer as a door-to-door salesman, I had pretty much one goal in mind – make lots of money. After six weeks, I realized that I didn’t like the hours I had to keep. Although it was only for a few months, I wanted needed more time with my family.

The experience taught me many lessons but the greatest is definitely this – how many chances do you get to dance in the rain?

I plan to take as many opportunities as I can. What about you?

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