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Awesome infographic from on Airline Mileage programs

First some business…

As some of you may have noticed, I’m a delinquent (which I explained in my last post Why do I have to wait until I’m in trouble to clean up my finances?) And as a delinquent, I have neglected to tell you about some awesome finance blog round-ups that I have been featured in recently. So to atone for my sins, I have a list of great round-ups below.

(For those of you unaware of what a Blog Carnival or Round-up is, it’s when a bunch of bloggers submit posts to one blogger who then picks the  best and features them in one post)

Now to the good stuff…Airline Miles Infographic

The team at put together a pretty cool and highly informative infographic about Airline frequent flyer programs and their branded credit cards. If you are considering joining a mileage program or getting a branded credit card, then check out the image below.

Save on Travel: Frequent Flyer Reward Cards
Infographic from

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One Response to “Awesome infographic from on Airline Mileage programs”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Great stuff!  Here are the best infographics for January 2012.