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“Generation Earn” just released by US News editor Kimberly Palmer

Targeting young professionals, blogger and author Kimberly Palmer has just released her new book titled Genereation Earn. Palmer is the creative mind behind the Alpha Consumer blog at US News & World Report. Her new book addresses issues such as spending, investing, and giving back.

Kimberly Palmer

There are obviously a wealth of books and authors telling us how to live, work, earn, and save. Palmer’s unique approach to addressing recent college graduates caught my attention though. Her optimism is contagious and advice sound.

Some praise for Palmer

Jim Wang over at says:

“Kimberly Palmer’s blog, Alpha Consumer, has an uncanny way of explaining many of the intricacies of personal finance in a way that everyone can understand. It’s one of my favorite places to go for money advice and commentary.”

And Will Chen of Wise Bread added:

“Kimberly’s book is the ultimate financial guide for a new generation. Bursting with savvy tips, this incredibly well-researched book will guide you through every important financial decision in your life–from picking the right life insurance to getting the best deals on major purchases. A must-read for anyone looking to master their finances.”

A few comments from Palmer based on Generation Earn

Many newscasters and pundits would have Americans believe that young professionals have ever spent and are living off credit card debt, or so says Palmer. She asserts that they actually have great earning power, advanced degrees, and “a more holistic outlook on financial success.”

Her book offers tips and suggestions for young professionals to secure their financial future, including: saving one-third of all income, cultivating their most ambitious dreams, not waiting to invest until you have “extra money,” and donating. One tip that I found particularly interesting is – Don’t scrimp on career-related investments. On the topic, Palmer writes:

“There’s one area where it’s okay to be a spendaholic, and that’s when it comes to investing in your future earning power. The category includes not only education expenses, but also voice lessons for an aspiring podcaster, how-to books for those with potentially lucrative hobbies, and even a new wardrobe for office workers who need to impress the higher-ups. Even hiring a maid service is an investment in your future if you use the time it creates to work on your writing, or website.”

Dispelling myths

Palmer has high hopes for young professionals and believes that we are more capable than maybe we even give ourselves credit for. Backed by studies, Palmer outlines a number of myths that exist about Gen-Yers. For example, she states:

“It’s true, we’ve had it rough: We’ve experienced two recessions before we’ve even hit our career strides (first from the dot-com bust, then from the real estate implosion) and unemployment is highest among young adults – an astounding 37 percent of people between the ages of 18 to 29 are unemployed or out of the workforce. But we still manage to stay upbeat about our futures, an essential skill if we’re going to ride out these challenges. According to the Pew Research Center, only three in ten young people say they earn enough money to lead “the kind of life they want,” while nine in ten say they believe they will be able to do so in the future. Only 76 percent of Gen Xers and 46 percent of Baby Boomers say the same thing.”

On sale today. You can buy Generation Earn probably at your local bookstore or online at Amazon or Barnes & Noble. I’m a Borders guy myself, but Amazon and B&N have it cheaper. Or for more information about the book, check out

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