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Favorite search terms people used to find Rabbit Funds

I have been tracking the keywords that Googlers use to find my site for some time. Every now and then, I see a real gem. Some phrase that makes me think, “Why did Google think my blog had anything to do with that?”

I’ve also learned that there are a lot of liars out there. Here’s a sampling of some of my favorite keywords:

  • “how to stop lying to my wife”
  • “wife overspending lies”
  • “how to stop your wife from lying”
  • “dreiling died 2008 obit” – I’ve never had an obit on my site
  • “my wife stops me training”
  • “lying to wife how to stop”
  • “sell my wife”
  • “why do i overspending and lie”
  • “Virgin of Peace information”
  • “warm inviting financial planning website” – Shucks, thanks!

On a different note, Rabbit Funds had the pleasure of being featured in several carnivals recently. Check them out for some great reading.

Thanks to everyone who selected a Rabbit Funds’ article!

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