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RabbitFunds is joining the Yakezie Challenge: Building a better blog

Financial Sumaria issued a challenge at the beginning of the year to (1) create more frequent and better content, (2) selflessly contribute to the online community, and (3) hopefully see an increase in your Alexa ranking in the process.

The Yakezie Challenge

I’m a big believer in posting worthwhile content, which I hope my blog reflects, and it just feels good to contribute to the online community. So I’m in.

Here is what I’m committing to do for the duration of the challenge:

  1. Post at least twice a week
  2. Comment on at least one other blog each day (after having actually read the article)
  3. Install and use the Alexa toolbar to track my ranking (if you don’t have it already, I invite you to install it here)
  4. Submit a guest post every other week to another blog
  5. Invite another blog to swap links to content pages once a week

If you are a blogger looking for more traffic or are participating in the Yakezie Challenge, I invite you to submit requests to me for guest posts and link exchanges.

A new direction for RabbitFunds

Last, I have given a lot of thought to the direction of my blog and you can expect to see some changes in the next few weeks. As small preview, I will be mixing my love for personal finance with my marketing and social media background to give finance bloggers some tools and tips.

Also, thank you Financial Samurai for inspiring change.

Update: Here is my first post aimed to celebrate other bloggers and pass some link love: 6 More ways to stop overspending and save money

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