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2010 Financial Planning Genius: Request for Nominations

I’m a big fan of Seth Godin. I had the pleasure of hearing him speak several weeks ago at a fairly intimate engagement. Of the many statements that impacted me, one in particular truly stood out.

2010 Financial Planning GeniusReading from my poorly scribbled transcription of his talk, he stated, “A genius is someone who is not a system but does something that wasn’t written down and solves a problem.” In his book Linchpin, Seth eloquently states, “A genius looks at something that others are stuck on and gets the world unstuck.”

So, I said to myself, “Self, who in the financial planning industry is a genius? Who is getting us unstuck?”

Rather than determine myself who the current geniuses are, I decided to involve everyone. So I ask, “Who is breaking away from lists and truly paving new paths to help us (1) change habits and (2) achieve financial freedom while (3) captivating us in the process?”

Taking Nominations

I am taking nominations until March 31, 2010. Simply leave the name and web address (if available) of your nominee and why you think he or she is a Financial Planning Genius in the comments section below. You can also tweet me (@RabbitFunds) your nominations using the hashtag #fpg2010.

On April 6th, I will announce the four Financial Planning Geniuses for 2010 based on a review of the nominations.

As you consider nominees, reflect on the three points I have numbered above as a guideline for qualifying candidates. And remember, this isn’t about who is the smartest, but who is “getting us unstuck.”

You Can Win $25

To make it interesting for you, if you nominate an individual that wins, then you’ll win a $25 gift card to or iTunes (you pick). If more than one person nominates the same individual, then I will randomly select one winner for the $25 gift card. Please limit your nominations to two candidates, though feel free to comment on others’ nominations.

Stay Tuned

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Thanks for participating!

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  • I think I'll nominate J.D. Roth at Get Rich Slowly ( and “Frank Curmudgeon” at Bad Money Advice ( Both are good at getting people to rethink the typical assumptions and find new ways of solving problems. Thanks for hosting this contest – it's a great idea!

  • I would like to nominate Erin Lozano. Erin is the COO and co-founder of Green Sherpa, a web-based personal finance software company that is helping people make better financial decisions. What makes Erin a financial genius? She focuses on people's financial future and has incorporated that into the Green Sherpa software by creating a Cash Flow feature that enables people to see their financial picture up to 12 months from now. No other personal finance software on the market does that!

    Not only has Erin helped create this innovative software, but she also shares her knowledge of personal finance with people on her blog, Cash Flow Sherpas. Erin has helped to turn Cash Flow Sherpas into a resource people can use to learn about budget living, frugal spending, and stretching your dollar along with many other personal finance topics by not only contributing weekly content but by having other personal finance experts contribute articles to the blog. This has created a well rounded community of personal finance experts that provide readers with a wealth of knowledge about anything and everything relating to personal finance.

    As a result of her software and blog, Erin truly is helping people change their financial habits, achieve financial freedom, and captivating software users and blog readers in the process. She is, without a doubt, a financial planning genius.

  • Thanks for the nomination. You've listed very good reasons to nominate Erin.

  • Thanks Paul! I'm not familiar with Frank. This is why I needed to ask the community about the geniuses out there.

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