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Money Hacks Carnival #104: Have you ever?

Welcome to the 104th edition of the Money Hacks Carnival! I couldn’t make up my mind on the theme so I went directly to the source of all light and knowledge – my wife. I ran a couple of my ideas by her and she offered a fun twist on one of them.

Jack Nicholson JokerFor this edition, the links to all of the selected articles (which are all great reads) either ask or answer one simple question: Have you ever? To kick things off, I’d like to quote one of my favorite movie lines, “HAVE YOU EVER danced with the devil in the pale moon light?” (1989 Batman starring Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholson)

Editor’s Choice

HAVE YOU EVER thought of Evaluating The Costs of a Longer Commute: When It’s Better to Just Suck It Up? Check out LenPenzo.Com for an excellent analysis.

HAVE YOU EVER wondered if you’d be better off investing in the currency of a country or in it’s stock market? Intelligent Speculator presents Single Country Investing – Equity or Currency? Surprising conclusion posted at Intelligent Speculator.

HAVE YOU EVER used a race car analogy to structure an investment strategy? Well,Gather Little by Little has Investing Baby Steps #2: Different Investing Strategies for Beginners Part 2.

HAVE YOU EVER realized that someone you trust, or should trust, isn’t actually bound to act in your best interest? Make sure you understand What Is a Fiduciary and Why Does It Matter? posted at Provident Planning.

“HAVE YOU EVER called your boyfriend or girlfriend by the wrong name?” – ESL Conversation Questions


HAVE YOU EVER found yourself asking Who’s to Blame for College Financial Aid Shortfalls? Jason at Automatic Finances offers his two cents.

HAVE YOU EVER been in a situation where you want to help someone find a new job but aren’t sure How to Refer a Friend for a Job? Ben has a few ideas at Money Smart Life.

Debt & Credit

HAVE YOU EVER evaluated which Credit Crunch Spending Ideas to Keep? Find a few ideas at One Advice.

HAVE YOU EVER bought a prepaid credit or debit card? Maybe you should ask yourself Is Money Deposited on a Prepaid Credit Card Safe? Find the answer at Prepaidcards123.

“HAVE YOU EVER looked fear in the face and said I just don’t care?” – Pink, the singer

Frugality & Saving Money

HAVE YOU EVER justified the purchase of 10 garden gnomes, 6 plastic flamingos, and 5 decorative rocks just to show-up your neighbor? Well, Kyle C. offers a spin with Keeping up with the Joneses, In a Good Way posted at Suburban Dollar.

HAVE YOU EVER spent countless hours at a therapist recovering from post traumatic stress disorder resulting from childhood cross-country vacations? Tom says Save Money With Fractional RV Ownership posted at Canadian Finance Blog.

HAVE YOU EVER wrapped yourself in seran wrap (just seran wrap) and waited on the couch for your husband to come home from work? Maybe that will make The Top 10 Ways to Woo on Budget (or perhaps ever?) next year posted at Budgets are Sexy.

“Just tell me HAVE YOU EVER really, really, really every loved a woman?” – Bryan Adams


HAVE YOU EVER asked How to Open a Scottrade Brokerage Account Online? You can find the answer posted at The Dough Roller.

HAVE YOU EVER been angry with a teller or Personal Banker II? Or wondered why the II? Studenomics presentsCommon Bank Tricks To Watch Out For posted at

HAVE YOU EVER known the RRSP Deadline – Limits & Options? Visit Ray at Financial Highway for more information on your Canadian retirement accounts.

HAVE YOU EVER found that you feel too much like the hare that thought he could beat the tortoise? Money Ningpresents some surprising findings in Steady and Consistency Can Win the Race.

HAVE YOU EVER left a delivery room and asked yourself, “What’s the Difference between Coverdell Education Savings Accounts vs. 529 College Savings Plans?” Jeff Rose outlines in succinct detail the difference between the two accounts.

HAVE YOU EVER had to explain the difference between an ETF and an Index Fund? I have, about 526 times. How about just sending your friends and family to Why ETFs are So Much Better Than Mutual Funds and Stocks posted at ETF Base.

“Joey, HAVE YOU EVER been in a… in a Turkish prison?” – Captain Oveur, Airplane!


HAVE YOU EVER considered using a Tax Advisor? If you aren’t sure if you should use an accountant, then you need to read Six Reasons to Consider Consulting a Tax Advisor posted at My Wealth Builder.

HAVE YOU EVER wondered if Animaniacs actually had deep political undertones and was an attempt to indoctrinate our children? Are you thinking the same thing I’m thinking? For real politics, read Winners and Losers Under Obama’s New Tax Plan posted at Darwin’s Finance.

HAVE YOU EVER been audited by the IRS? Help yourself avoid it by reading How To Organize Your Tax Paperworkposted at Quest For Four Pillars.


HAVE YOU EVER sold out someone you loved just to make a few extra bucks? Maybe you can have both love and money. Read Love & Money: Does It Have to Be One or the Other? posted at Balance Junkie.

HAVE YOU EVER been frugal with your efforts to communicate with your spouse? Maybe you have and didn’t realize it. Read Can Money Un-Do Your Marriage? posted at Cash Flow Sherpas.

HAVE YOU EVER needed some outside help with money concerns in your relationship? I bet you can find at least 20 good ideas to help from the 101 Ways To Improve Your Marriage Money Relationship posted at Money Help For Christians.

Question: “HAVE YOU EVER read a book or watched a movie that made you cry?”
Answer: “The 6th Sense”
– Yahoo Answers

Thank you to everyone who participated in this week’s edition of the Money Hacks Carnival. Please take a moment to inform others of this resource by using any of the social sharing buttons below. I also invite you to subscribe to our RSS Feed for weekly updates on other relevant financial topics. Have a great day!

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