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Happy Holidays from everyone at RabbitFunds

We would like to take a moment to thank you for helping make this site possible. We are very passionate about wise spending and even wiser saving and value our readers.

With the dawn of  2010, we find ourselves even more invigorated to make needed changes in our own lives. Besides the customary diet resolution, we are determined to rid ourselves of all debt but our mortgage by the end of the year. From time to time, we will relate our experiences which will hopefully give you confidence and knowledge to better your situation as well.

We have several pieces in the works which will help give you some guidelines into home buying, possible political reform, investment strategies, and many more exciting topics. Stick around with us for 2010 and together we will make a difference.

Thank You, Happy Holidays, and God Bless! Team

Adam Williams, Author
Erina Williams, Contributor

P.S. The article “Tax Planning Series: Have you done everything you can for 2009?” was featured in the 96th edition of the Money Hacks Carnival on

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