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Carnival of Twenty Something Finances: Sep 14

Bumper cars at a carnivalWelcome to the September 14th, 2009, edition of Twenty Something Finances. I hope that you enjoy the line-up today. There are a lot of great articles, so jump in and then spread the word!

(Oh, and let’s be honest. The real reason we all go to the carnival or state fair is for funnel cake and bumper cars. It’s the only time road rage is not only legal but encouraged. In fact, I’m going to the state fair tonight! )

Editor’s Pick:



Credit and Credit Cards:







Real Estate:

  • Tallahassee Real Estate presents Housing Market Bottom Reached In Tallahassee posted at Tallahassee Real Estate Blog. “It is obviously premature to call the bottom of the market, as we only have a 10 day up-trend. If this ends up being the true real estate market bottom in Tallahassee, you can record August 23rd, 2009 as the day the market turned! I really suspect that we are closing in on the bottom if we have not hit it already. My earlier predictions were for this to occur in November, but I’ll certainly take an earlier result if we can find it.”


  • Roshawn Watson presents Being A Landlord By Default posted at Watson Inc. Roshawn comments, “Although choosing to become a landlord can be financially rewarding, many homeowners are finding that this option is not all that it is cracked up to be.”


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